We are looking for talented computer scientists for research scientist positions. We hire researchers who are driven to innovate in areas on Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Operations Research. The Data Science Lab offers competitive salaries, benefits and research support.
Application Instructions: Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae electronically at dsl-hr at .
Research Scientist
Research Intern
Research Scientist

The Data Science Lab is passionate on addressing data challenges in the one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world. The research team within the data science lab provides opportunities to innovate in a start-up mode and lets you contribute to novel projects and technologies that get deployed on It is full of new challenges and opportunities for innovation. We are looking for world class, fun-loving research scientists to join us!

Job Role:

We are looking for a few research scientists with strong background in machine learning, information retrieval, data mining, or natural language processing to join the Data Science Lab. Your essential responsibility is to address challenges on information retrieval, natural language processing, knowledge graphs and operations research. A Researcher on this team will translate business and functional requirements into quick prototypes or proofs of concept.

Your long term responsibility includes deep understanding and analyzing large-scale data challenges, designing and developing better ways to understand users and their online behaviors, which may include machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, knowledge harvesting, operations research, etc.

A suitable candidate for this position will be a highly motivated person with innovated ideas and solid coding skills, who will be able to work closely with other team members and collaborate with engineering teams.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Design, implement and evaluate novel algorithms to address data challenges in

2. Given large-scale datasets, focusing on creating scalable and accurate recommender systems in versatile application fields

3. Work closely with software engineering teams to drive scalable, real-time implementations

Job Requirements:

1. Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent.

2. Experience in Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, or Machine Learning.

3. Publications at top-tier peer-reviewed conferences or journals

4. Proven track record of innovation in creating novel algorithms and advancing the state of the art

5. Experience in JAVA, Hadoop, Python, C/C++, and Shell scripts.

6. Experience with Hadoop/Hbase/Pig or Mapreduce/Sawzall/Bigtable

Research Intern

Data Science Lab is seeking talented research interns all year round. The major responsibility of this position is to innovate. The research interns will work closely with mentors on research topics in information retrieval, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, or related fields. It is good opportunity for graduate students with good academia standings to research in industrial applications.