Zhuoye Ding

Zhuoye Ding (丁卓冶)

E-mail: dingzhuoye@jd.com

Address: 10th Floor, A zone, North Star Century Center, Beijing, China

Personal Introduction

Zhuoye Ding is Scientist of Data Science Lab at JD.com. Prior to joining JD.com, he was Scientist at Yahoo! Labs, leading Sponsored search and Display Ads ranking projects.

Research Interests

    Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning, Recommendation systems

Selected Publications

  • Meizi Zhou, Zhuoye Ding, Jiliang Tang, Dawei Yin, Micro Behaviors: A New Perspective in E-commerce Recommender Systems, In WSDM’18, Los Angeles, USA, 2018.
  • Zhuoye Ding, Xipeng Qiu, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang. Learning Topical Translation Model for Microblog Hashtag Suggestion. In Proceedings of IJCAI 2013.
  • Qi Zhang, Yan Wu, Zhuoye Ding, Xuanjing Huang. Learning hash codes for efficient content reuse detection. In Proceedings of SIGIR 2012.
  • Zhuoye Ding, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang. Automatic Hashtag Recommendation for Microblogs using Topic-Specific Translation Model. In Proceedings of COLING 2012.
  • Zhuoye Ding, Yeyun Gong, Yaqian Zhou, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang. Detecting Spammers in Community Question Answering. In Proceedings of IJCNLP 2013.
  • Zhuoye Ding, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang. Keyphrase Extraction from Online News Using Binary Integer Programming. In Proceedings of IJCNLP 2011.