Data Science Lab
Data changes the future
Our task is to discover and develop targeted solutions
Data quantity is continually increasing and the information derived from this has become a main driving force for scientific discovery and innovation. The Data Science Lab is a research lab of, located in Beijing. Together with top researchers from a variety of backgrounds, the objective of data science lab is to address data challenges in the one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world.
Based on the massive data from JD E-Commerce platform, our research topics can be divided into the following directions
Recommender systems are playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce portals. Based on the massive data from, we are building a novel recommendation model into the one of largest e-commerce platform with the most advanced technologies in the industry. Our recommendation model has been applied on the JD mall and JD app to help billions of JD users.
We are building the enterprise-class knowledge base to enhance JD’s recommendation and search results with semantic-search knowledge gathered from a wide variety of information sources. Our research directions for knowledge graph at the Data Science Lab include:
WWe aim to build a data-driven virtual assistant or a chat companion system with the aid of big data and deep learning techniques.
Information retrieval (IR) has been widely applied to lots of topics in E-Commerce portals. The Data Science Lab focuses on the research that applies IR technologies to enhance the performance of JD’s E-Commerce platform. Our research topics for IR in E-Commerce includes:
Natural language processing (NLP) technologies have been widely applied into E-Commerce platforms. Based on the massive data from our E-Commerce platform, the Data Science Lab @ is developing state-of-the-art NLP to enterprise-level solutions to enhance the user experience on Our research directions for natural language processing includes:
Operations Research (OR) is the application of scientific & mathematical methods to the study & analysis of problems involving complex systems. We are improving the logistic systems of using OR methods such as mathematical optimization and approximation algorithms.
Recommender systems are playing an increasingly important role ecommerce
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